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Human Mobility Lab

Human mobility lab is focused on developing hardware devices and its associated algorithms in order to analyse human movement. Hardware electronics are developed from scratch in order to obtain highly efficient movement sensor devices which firmware is also designed and implemented. In this way, intelligent algorithms are implemented based on machine learning techniques, advanced signal processing and soft-computing approaches.

Successful application into many different dependency care areas have been obtained. For instance, monitoring of Parkinson's Disease patients symptoms, falls, daily life activities and postures (such as sitting, standing, ...) and gait parameters, among others, have been performed.

Hardware for data collection

Specific hardware platforms to collect data from patients or users are developed. In this sense, a wearable measurement unit for long-term monitoring of human movement has been used with remarkable success.

Intelligent signal analysis

Machine learning techniques are employed to develop intelligent signal analysis in order to determine patient's state, activity, etc.

Online algorithms for real-time analysis

Intelligent signal analysis are adapted in order to implement them in real-time within the hardware platform. This way, a real-time analysis is performed and current patient's status, activity, etc. can be used in order to apply correction actions.

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