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PhD Program

CETpD researchers participate actively in this PhD programs:

The Joint Doctoral Programme in Interactive and Cognitive Environments offers PhD candidates an education programme in the field of research related to computer science, electronic and telecommunication engineering and industrial design. Candidates must hold a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree or equivalent title and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of ICT engineering. ICE aims at developing and enhancing master students' knowledge and skills in order to shape a new generation of professionals able to exploit (and further enhance) cutting-edge ICT technologies to design and implement - in multi-disciplinary work teams - innovative solutions in the ever more pervasive fields of application.

This Doctoral programme provides a frame for the production of doctoral theses in the fields of Automation, Robotics and Vision under the supervision of the academic and research staff which belong to it, having at its disposal the research infrastructures from both the Units and the Research Groups involved. The ARV Doctoral programme is a natural continuation of the Master in Automatic Control and Robotics, and, consequently, the students that finish this master have direct access to the Doctoral programme. Also, one can have access to the master if one has the proper qualifications, in function of which the corresponding complementary courses will be determined.

The goal of the program is to offer highly motivated graduated students the possibility to extend their education in the various fileds of research related with Electronic Engineering. The academic activites of the program are designed both to introduce the students to highly specialized research topics and to extend their skills with methodolgies oriented to the tasks, tools and procedures required to develop a high quality research activity. The Doctoral Program is closely linked with the Electronic Engineering Master, which is jointly organied by the TelecomBCN School at UPC and the Physics School at UIB. The courses and other activities offered in the framework of the Electronic Engineering Master provide the students enrolled in the Doctoral Program the necessary academic background to board the research work in their Ph.D. Thesis.

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