CETpD is a specific research centre of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya consisting of two research groups, the AHA group "Advanced Hardware Architectures" from the Department of Electronic Engineering, and the GREC team "Knowledge Engineering research group" from the Department of Automatic Control.

The CETpD has a team of highly qualified researchers with proven professional experience, skilled technicians and research fellows. This team includes specialists in electronics, computational intelligence, telecommunications, psychology, gerontology, and behavior sciences, who are skilled at performing interdisciplinary work.

CETpD has a strong cooperation with the medical staff of several hospitals in the Barcelona area, developing common research activities concerning elderly and persons with chronic diseases specially those related with movement disorders.

CETpD has, among others, the following research lines.

  • Computational paradigms (soft-computing and pervasive computing)
  • Use of advanced technological devices (for home-care, healthcare, ageing people living at home, supervision and applications)
  • Special interface development and use assessment (smart-sensors, smart-interfaces, BAN)
  • Interactive behaviour and User experience
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CETpD News

CETpD has presented a poster into the First International Freezing of Gait Congress (IFOG 2014), which took place on February 5th to 7th, in the Dead Sea, Israel. This congress focuses on one of...

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